FP CRUX Global Fund

FP CRUX Global Fund is managed by Richard Scrope, who became lead manager in October 2008.

The Fund aims to achieve the investment objective by investing in equities of companies listed on regulated Global stock exchanges.

Fund Name FP CRUX Global Fund
Restructured Previously CFIC CRUX Global Fund (changed 30.06.2017)
Fund Manager(s) Richard Scrope
Manager Tenure 30th October 2008
Benchmark MSCI World TR in GBP
IA Sector IA Global TR in GBP
Status OEIC (UK)
Pricing Frequency Daily, noon
Strategy Long only equities

The Fund is a conviction driven long-only portfolio of Global companies, that normally has been 35-55 stocks in.

The Fund follows a bottom up process focussing on quality and value. The Fund exploits market inefficiency by investing for the long-term in underappreciated companies. By applying a demanding and consistently applied screening and valuation process we ensure only those businesses with the best long-term potential are selected for the portfolio. We believe that price matters most; buying these companies at the right price – below their intrinsic worth – will produce investment outperformance over time.

The portfolio will be invested primarily in transferable securities and will be structured by employing a strict cash flow based valuation criteria, focusing on the medium to long-term horizon. Equity investments will consist predominantly the of top 250 constituents of the MSCI World Index, however, it is not restricted to this subset of the investment universe.

The FP CRUX Global Fund employs a rigorous screening process that asks three key questions:

  1. Do we understand the business?
  2. Is the business comfortably economic over the cycle?
  3. Do we trust the management?

Companies that pass all three stages of the screen are then put through the same valuation process that looks at their characteristic and cash generation through the business cycle.

The fund is benchmark agnostic and created on a bottom-up basis with a view to holding the stocks for a long time period. Those stocks that are included in the Fund normally have the following characteristics: low capital intensity, durability, barriers to entry and strong balance sheets.

The Fund aims to grow by compounding returns that are generated through a mix of dividend returns and capital growth

Fund Prices

Fund Manager

Richard Scrope
Richard started managing the FP CRUX Global Fund in 2008.

Fund Objective

Its aim, over time, to preserve and enhance the real value of capital allocated to the Fund and to outperform Global equity markets.

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Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (ref:623757)

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5 Stratton Street,
London W1J 8LA

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